Coronavirus Lockdown and Political Disruption Drag Lebanon Into Devastating Poverty

Photo courtesy of Luke Bradley via WallpaperFlare

In October of 2019, Lebanon plunged into months of revolution and non-stop protests. For 100 days, the country existed in a state of upheaval as locals protested corrupt officials.

Then, just as the political chaos seemed to be dying down, COVID-19 reached Lebanon, and locals moved into 100 days of lockdown. 100 days of political upheaval followed by 100 days of quarantine left Lebanon’s economy utterly devastated. Poverty runs rampant among Lebanese families, especially middle class households. It’s gotten so bad that the local social media trend involves taking pictures of empty home refrigerators.

Even during Lebanon’s civil war, things never got this bad, says Pierre Houssney of Horizons International. He calls it “a withering of our economy.”

Most families already rely on multiple sources of income thanks to the continuously growing cost of income. Houssney reports that although Lebanon’s cost of living matches that of most developed countries, salaries are as low as $800 per month.

“When your rent is $600 per month, it’s very difficult to get by on even two salaries because of the cost of food,” Houssney says.

And when Lebanese locals receive their utility bills, they see the direct effects of their current leadership.

“The infrastructure of Lebanon’s roads, information technology, water system, electricity,and all of that has just been on a shoestring budget. Most of the money, the lion’s share of the tax money, has been stolen by the politicians. What’s left over is a very depleted infrastructure.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Alex Anhalt


  • Pray for Lebanon’s impoverished community.
  • Ask God to bring solace and hope to Lebanon.
  • Thank Him for the hope He can provide even the most desperate families.