CDC Director Warns Fall, Winter Will Likely Be ‘One of the Most Difficult Times We’ve Experienced in American Public Health’

CDC director Robert Redfield said in a new interview Tuesday he’s concerned about the public health challenges the United States may be facing in the fall and winter.

In the interview with Howard Bauchner (editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association), Redfield started out by emphasizing the importance of people wearing masks and repeating that if all Americans embraced masking more rigorously in the next few weeks they could get things more “under control.”

Redfield commended the president and vice president for wearing masks and said they can help set the example, as he talked about the social distancing guidelines and how mask-wearing shouldn’t be political.

He said it’s sad to see “some of these public health issues become politicized.”

Bauchner asked what the next few weeks are going to look like for the United States.

Redfield admitted he initially thought the nation would “get a little break in July and August” but that’s not the case now. He again said “we could bring this outbreak to its knees” with sustained mask-wearing and social distancing.

He brought up a number of states with concerning trends, while saying “if there’s any good news” it’s that the death toll is lower than it was months ago. He also expressed hope about getting a potential vaccine by early 2021.

Source: Mediaite