Florida Mom Loses Two Adult Children, Both Under 25, to Coronavirus Just 11 Days Apart

Monete Hicks’ son and daughter Byron and Mychaela Hicks

A mother in mourning after losing not one, but two adult children to COVID-19.

Monete Hicks says she lost her son and daughter just eleven days apart due to the virus. Hicks says her 20-year-old son Byron had trouble breathing and was taken to the hospital where he later died.

A week later, her daughter Mychaela went to the hospital after she began having headaches and running a fever. She passed away July 8th. Both children had underlying health conditions.

“Wear y’all masks. Be careful, be safe out there, take it seriously,” said Monete Hicks.

Both Byron and Mychaela’s deaths are part of a larger recent trend in Florida with younger people in the state contracting COVID at a higher rate.

On Thursday, Broward County’s medical examiner’s office confirmed that an 11-year old girl had died of coronavirus, the youngest death in the state.

Records showed the girl also had other medical conditions.

SOURCE: News4SanAntonio, NBC News