12 Christians Arrested by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in Three Cities

At least a dozen Christians in Iran were reportedly arrested, some of whom were allegedly beaten, by Revolutionary Guard intelligence officers last week in three cities, according to a human rights monitoring group. 

Article 18, a London-based nonprofit that promotes religious freedom and tolerance for Christians in Iran, has reported on the arrests of Christians in three operations in the cities of Tehran, Karaj and Malayer that took place on June 30 and July 1.

Along with the 12 Christians who were arrested, dozens of other Christians were forced to provide their contact details for future questioning, the organization noted.

According to Article 18, the first arrests occurred around 8 p.m. last Tuesday in Tehran’s Yaftabad district when 10 intelligence officers raided the home of a Christian convert where 30 Christians were gathered.

The agents reportedly were polite at first when they were video recording the incident. But after the cameras were off, the Christians were said to have been mistreated.

The agents read out a list of names that were written on an arrest warrant.

Included on that reported list were Joseph Shahbazian, an Armenian-Iranian Christian, and five Christian converts named Reza, Salar, Sonya, Mina and Maryam, who were present at the gathering.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is illegal for a Muslim to convert to Christianity.

The agents also went to the homes of three converts who were not present at the gathering but whose names were on the arrest warrants and arrested two of them.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith