Coronavirus Plague Affects AMG International’s Nursing School in Uganda

(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

As it has all over the world, COVID-19 continues to affect Uganda and AMG International’s ministry within the country, including their nursing school.

Pandemic Impact

AMG’s Bill Passons explains how the pandemic is impacting the country at large.

“The main thing that’s having the biggest effect I think, like most places, is the lockdowns that have been put in place to try to limit the spread of the virus,” he says. “With all of the schools being total lockdown, they’ve been out for almost four months now, and the churches not being allowed to meet is having a pretty bad effect. A lot of businesses are either totally out of business or operating very scaled-down nature, so it is kind of a desperate situation.”

Passons also says that lockdown affects people differently depending on where they live.

“Those that are in a very rural context actually are a little bit better off when it comes to basic daily needs,” he explains. “They tend to live in areas where they do farming and other things versus the kids that live in the city slums that really don’t have access or the ability to grow their own food. [In the city] they’re put in a more desperate situation from a basic needs standpoint.”

However, when it comes to keeping up with education during these trying, unprecedented times, Passons says the situation is reversed.

“Some schools and churches are trying to use social media and media, in general, to get lessons out. That works well in more densely populated areas that have access to the internet and those resources,” he says. “[However], around 70% of Ugandans live in a rural context. Those students and those people don’t have access to the same internet [and] technology, so they’re really limited on their ability to study from home.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Alex Anhalt


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