Florida police officer is relieved from duty for punching a black woman at Miami Airport when she shouted ‘you’re acting like you’re white, but you’re really black’

Shocking video footage has emerged of a police officer punching a woman in the face at Miami International Airport.

The startling assault was filmed on an officer’s bodycamera and shows a Miami-Dade Police Department officer punching a woman on Wednesday evening.

The clip shows a woman facing two officers and yelling at one of them, before getting close to his face.

‘I really should. You black, you acting like you’re white but you’re really black. What’re you gonna do?’ the woman, who is black, says getting close to the officer near his chin.

Suddenly the cop snaps and punches the woman in the face. He then throws his hands on her and brings her to the ground as officers in the background shout ‘Woah, woah’.

A second officer rushes to pull the two apart, as does the officer behind the bodycamera recording the incident.

In the clip, the officer who punched the woman is heard claiming ‘she headbutted me.’

It’s not clear what the argument was about.

One law enforcement source said the woman was complaining loudly about a missed or delayed flight.

A ticket agent called police and an officer arrived to try to calm her, but a confrontation escalated into violence and with her being pushed to the ground.

Several sources identified the officer as Antonio Clemente Rodriguez, a black officer of Puerto Rican heritage, who was stationed at the airport, according to the Miami Herald.

The video surfaced on social media leading Miami Dade Police Department Director Alfredo Ramirez to announced an investigation into the incident. He said that he ordered for involved officers to be relieved of duty.

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Source: Daily Mail