Evangelical Professor Darrell Bock Says Treatment of Christians in Egypt is ‘Much Better Now’ Than It Has Been ‘for a Long Time’

People gather outside Saint George church in Tanta after a bombing by Islamic State (Reuters: Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

The situation for Christians in Egypt is better now than it has been “for a long time,” according to an evangelical Christian professor who recently visited the nation.

Darrell Bock, senior research professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary, was featured on an episode of “The Table” podcast that was posted on YouTube Tuesday.

Bock and Mark M. Yarbrough, vice president for Academic Affairs, academic dean, and professor of Bible Exposition at DTS, said he recently visited Christian leaders in Egypt.

While there, Bock met with a group of about 60 to 70 Protestant Egyptian leaders who told him, “things are much better for us as Christians now than they have been in Egypt for a long time.”

“Even though there’s violence in some of the regions in Egypt related to the Christian Church, that’s a matter of just administrative realities in different parts of Egypt,” Bock said.

“Some areas are inherently more violent than the other because the government doesn’t have the power yet to oversee everything that’s going on across the whole of the country.”

Specifically, people Bock spoke with said that, overall, things had not been this good for Christians in the country since Anwar Sadat became president in the 1970s.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski