Joash Thomas on Confessions of a Justice-Seeking Christian

As someone who works for a Christian human rights organization, I thought I had seen it all. Over my past five years of mobilizing the Church to seek justice for the poor and trafficked, I had broadly classified Christians into two camps — the Christians who respond to God’s invitation to seek justice for the poor and oppressed, and those who do not.

Nevertheless, the events of these past few weeks have me questioning this assumption. If anything, I am now convinced that there are many Christians who seek justice for the wrong reasons.

In my experience, Christians who respond to God’s invitation to seek justice are generally eager, excited and expectant. They find themselves baffled that there are 40 million people still held in slavery today — more people in slavery than at any other point in human history! They find themselves eager to jump in and seek the Father’s heart for justice by praying, giving and advocating.

Joash Thomas | Courtesy of Joash Thomas

We nonprofit leaders and pastors find ourselves celebrating with these newly awakened Christians and eagerly start discipling them through next steps. After all, more prayers and increased giving leads to bigger missions budgets and better funded programs to serve the poor in our cities and around the world!

Still, I cannot help but wonder if we’re missing a critical step. Somehow, in mobilizing our people toward missions and biblical justice, we often fail to ask our people (and ourselves) an important question: Do we seek justice for the poor and oppressed because of a deep theological understanding of the biblical God of Justice OR do we seek justice to feel good about ourselves?

Or in other words:

Do I sponsor an orphan child because of my passion for the gospel OR do I sponsor an orphan child because I like the feeling that comes from impacting this child’s life?

Do I tithe because God deserves my everything OR do I tithe because it makes me feel like I’m “giving back” to God and our church community?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Joash Thomas