Here Are 3 Ways to Help End Child Marriage

Kids around the world are susceptible to child marriage, and their vulnerability stems from multiple factors. David Lovett of Operation Mobilization USA outlines a few in the report below.

“It’s illegal; it’s not supposed to be happening,” Lovett says. “But still, it is a rampant issue across South Asia, the Middle East, and that part of the world.”

OM USA partners globally with churches and NGOs to prevent child marriage, rescue at-risk children, and give kids a different future – one rooted in Christ’s love and hope. Here’s how you can help.

Risk factors

Circumstances vary by culture and region, but poverty underlies many parents’ decisions to support child marriage. “People are just so poor. You’re looking at how you can have less of an economic burden,” Lovett describes.  Without education or a way to financially contribute to their parents’ household, girls and young women lack viable options.

“They’re stuck in this position that their future is only in getting married. And it’s often the younger, the better.”

According to the UN, approximately 650 million girls and women alive today were married as children. As VOA News describes, the coronavirus pandemic places an additional burden on girls in sub-Saharan Africa.

Watch as child brides around the world talk about their experiences.

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, Katey Hearth


  • Pray child marriage would end worldwide, and that people would see women as Christ sees them.
  • Pray for current and former child brides. Pray they find comfort and new identity in Christ.
  • Pray for needed funds to support and sustain this critical work.