Woman hurls groceries from her shopping cart and unleashes foul-mouth rant after being asked to wear a mask inside a Dallas supermarket

A woman shopping at a Dallas grocery store exploded in rage and proceeded to throw items from her cart while yelling expletives after being asked to wear a face mask.

The profanity-laced meltdown took place at the Fiesta supermarket on West Illinois Avenue on Saturday and was captured on video, which has since gone viral on social media.

The cell phone recording begins with the irate customer’s temper tantrum already in progress.

The woman, a bespectacled blonde wearing a black top and skinny jeans, is seen hurling containers of raw chicken, pork chops, other meat products and groceries while unleashing profanities.

‘I don’t give a f*** about Dallas and dumba** motherf***ing rules,’ the woman rants as she continues lobbing food items.

With the words, ‘I don’t give a f***, I got a f***ing mask,’ the angry shopper storms off, waving her face covering in her hand.

‘Now clean that s*** up,’ she yells out as she exits the store, referring to the mess she had left on the floor.

Witness Omar Guillen told WFAA: ‘I had noticed the woman during my time at the store. She was wearing her mask but by the time she was in line she had taken it off.’

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Source: Daily Mail