Young Woman in Mexico Escapes Drugs and Abusive Marriage and Finds Jesus Christ

Not long after a young woman in central Mexico left her abusive husband and their two children, she got involved with another man who beat her – and got her hooked on drugs.

He introduced Lorena* to a life of drugs, alcohol and petty crime that she had never known. His violence and mistreatment soon drove her to try to leave him, but she was addicted to the drugs she could get only from him, a local ministry leader said.

Family members stepped in and got her admitted to a substance abuse rehabilitation program. She came out clean but soon returned to the drugs that helped her escape the hurt in her life – the abusive relationship in which she was still enmeshed, and the pain of having left her children.

“She was like in a dark tunnel with no end,” the ministry leader said. “Time passed, and Lorena went deeper and deeper into drugs.”

The pain of losing another child was overwhelming and hit during the agony of coming off the drugs.

When she got pregnant, family members again got her admitted to a rehab program.

“She gave birth to her child, and the government took him away from her due to her situation,” the director said.

The pain of losing another child was overwhelming and hit during the agony of coming off the drugs, but she finished the rehabilitation program. Lorena knew she had a small window to flee her boyfriend and the self-destruction of that lifestyle. She took refuge with her grandmother.

She had no way of knowing that accompanying her grandmother to the worship service of a church that local missionaries had established would repair an otherwise shattered life.

“The Lord touched her heart, and she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior,” the leader said. “The Lord has helped her to stay clean from drugs, and she has recovered custody of her son. She has reconnected with her two older children, and the Lord has provided a job for her.”

Lorena told local missionaries how glad she was that Christ gave her a new opportunity to be truly alive and enjoy His forgiveness.

“She is being discipled with the Word of God, and she has been clean for more than one year,” the director said.

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Drug use throughout Mexico has nearly doubled in recent years, according to a government report released last year.

Once known primarily as a transit route for drugs to the United States and to a lesser degree as a producer, Mexico has also become a large consumer of illicit drugs, online news outlet Vice reported. The drug binge has been fueled by a doubling in use of crystal methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant known locally as “cristal.”

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SOURCE: Christian Aid Mission