UK Children’s Charity ‘Toybox’ Shares Stories of Street Kids in Coronavirus Lockdown

UK children’s charity Toybox is urgently responding to the hidden victims of the coronavirus as they are providing vital aid to some of the most vulnerable street kids around the world.

The charity says their partners are working alongside their governments to ensure street children are given the emergency support they need to survive – food, water and medical care – as well as advocating to stop them being criminalised for being homeless. They are also working tirelessly to find places for children in shelters or with extended families.

In Nepal and El Salvador they are also providing children with emergency food, and hygiene kits including masks, hand-wash and soap are being distributed to communities in four of the countries they work in.

To highlight this crisis Toybox asked their partners across the globe to send in video stories of what life is like for these children in the midst of the lockdown.

Toybox CEO Lynne Morris says what they received was both heartbreaking and inspiring.

“Some of the footage we had that came back from India, when you look at the context of what they’re walking through and you see the rubbish and the dirt and you just think this is the road a child has to walk along every single day.”

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SOURCE: Assist News