Palestinian Christians and the Great Commission

Header image depicts the Israeli West Bank barrier. (Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College via Facebook)

Palestinian Christians have suffered as their brothers and sisters have often forgotten their place in the story of the Great Commission.

At Mission Network News we encourage listeners to find their place in the story. But which story is that?

After Jesus rose from the dead, he gave the Great Commission to his disciples, telling them that He had been given all authority in the whole cosmos. He commanded them to go out and make disciples for Him out of every kind of person on Earth.

This vision, that people of every nation and tongue follow Christ together, has not always been adhered to by the Church. And when Christians forget what story they are in, bad things can happen.

We reported yesterday that Palestinians often feel their lives don’t matter to the police. Dr. Munther Isaac of Bethlehem Bible College says, “People use Scripture to justify our oppression today… people, I’m sure, used Scripture [in a similar way] to justify slavery in the past. And that’s where things hurt the most, I think, when it’s your sisters and brothers who are not compassionate with you.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that Israel and Palestine will experience fellowship and coexistence in Christ.
  • View Palestinian Christians as brothers and sisters through the lens of the Great Commission.