Newsom Warns Of Another Shutdown Due To Growing Coronavirus Cases, Leaving Local Businesses In Jeopardy

TORRANCE (CBSLA) — Just as businesses across the state are beginning to reopen, Gov. Gavin Newsom is warning of another shutdown if current coronavirus numbers don’t improve.

“We have the capacity and ability to toggle back in terms of the stay-at-home order,” he said during a press conference on Thursday.

California’s hospitalization rates for COVID-19 have been steadily increasing. Currently, 4,240 people with coronavirus occupy hospital beds, which is a 32 percent increase from two weeks ago. Intensive care units are seeing 1,306 people with the virus, up 19 percent over the last two weeks.

At Madre!, a restaurant in Torrance, the staff has done everything they can to be able to reopen, going above and beyond to meet the state’s health guidelines.

Carol Bautista, the restaurant’s manager, said that if businesses have to shut down again it’s not just the restaurant’s fate she’s worried about.

Source: CBS