Catholic Student Voted Off Florida State University’s Student Government for Disagreeing With Policies of Black Lives Matter

A Catholic student at Florida State University says a student mob demanded his ouster from the student senate after he scrutinized the policy views of the Black Lives Matter organization.

According to Catholic News Agency, Jack Denton, who is set to graduate from FSU in 2021, said the student senate voted to oust him over what he said in a group text in an exchange about the stated beliefs of groups like BLM, Reclaim the Block, and the ACLU that pertain to abortion, sexuality and the family.

In the group text for members of the FSU Catholic Student Union, students chatted about the police shooting of a 38-year-old black transgender-identifying female named Tony McDade.

Denton told CNA that when someone advocated the causes students could support financially to back racial justice efforts, he explained that the positions taken by the organizations were at odds with Church teaching. Screenshots of the exchange reveal Denton stated that the organizations advocate “explicitly anti-Catholic” things.”

“As a devout Catholic and a college student, I felt that it was my responsibility to point out this discrepancy, to make sure that my fellow Catholics knew what they were partaking in,” he said.

When asked to elaborate, Denton noted that the ACLU has sued states that place limits on abortion and it defends laws protecting abortion clinics. He added that BLM defends transgender ideology and fosters a “queer-affirming network.” He also said that though it is less explicit than the other issues, Reclaim the Block pushes cutting the budgets of police departments and claims fewer cops will make communities safe, a position he considered “contrary to the Church’s teaching on the common good.”

Despite Denton maintaining he was not remarking in his capacity as a student government officer, a student in the text exchange sent screenshots of Denton’s comments to members of the student senate without his permission. Though an initial motion to bring up a no-confidence vote in the student senate failed on June 3, two days later, the body voted to oust him from his role.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter