E3 Partners Releases New Video Bible Study Series

Header image courtesy of e3 Partners.

For e3 Partners, COVID-19 wasn’t going to stop discipleship. They decided that if they couldn’t train in person then they would do it through Facebook Live.

Jeff Johnston with e3 partners describes the new Bible Stories of Hope series. “This is a situation that none of us have ever dealt with before. People are looking for something to hope in; and really we know as Christians that that the only one true source of hope is in Christ. So we wanted to find a way to share that with people, to get it out there. And with the digital world that we live in now, we just kind of came up with this idea of sharing Bible stories of hope through a Facebook Live series.”

An Example to Follow

Instead of just telling people how to use the Discovery Bible Study Method, e3 Partners knew it would be most impactful to walk through a study online. So they asked their Vice President of Global City Strategy to do the study with his family.

Johnston says, “His name’s Troy Cooper. He and his family were the ones that that led this model. Basically, they just got on Facebook Live once a week, and went through this Discovery Bible Study or just the Standard Bible Study Method and modeled for people this is how you can go through these Scriptures with others.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Pray that God would motivate His people to offer those around them God’s hope through the Gospel.
  • Start a Bible study with some friend today using the methods shown by e3 Partners.
  • Support the ministries of discipleship of e3 Partners financially.