Mission Aviation Fellowship Fights Food Insecurity in Papua, Indonesia

MAF delivers food to remote people in Papua, as well as countries like Lesotho and Haiti. (Photo courtesy of MAF on Facebook)

COVID-19 lockdowns mean many people in rural Indonesia aren’t earning wages and can’t buy food for themselves.

The lockdowns have largely contained the spread of the virus in certain countries and US states. But in developing countries, the lockdown measures lead to a lot of food insecurity.

To address this problem, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) adopted a voucher program designed to help people in the Papua province of Indonesia.

The program

Liza Baikole, who runs the store that accepts the vouchers, says, “The isolated areas in the interior of Papua are reached by MAF and other planes. These people in the interior are dependent on rice as their main source of food, brought by planes … But since COVID-19 began, products have been difficult to obtain … Many people have lost their jobs and business.”

With many in dire straits, the voucher program helps people buy groceries for at least one month. So far, the program has supplied 85 vouchers.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that Christians would be encouraged through this program, and that many others would be drawn to Christ.
  • Ask God to remove COVID-19 from Indonesia so people can start earning food again.