Bruce Marchiano Shares How Encounter With Jesus ‘Ruined’ Hollywood for Him But Transformed His Life

Actor Bruce Marchiano, star of PureFlix’s “The Encounter” series, said experiencing Jesus in his life ruined Hollywood for him but transformed his world.

Marchiano got his start in mainstream Hollywood but is now known for his many onscreen portrayals of Jesus. His new series, “The Encounter,” derived from the film of the same name, features Marchiano as Victor.

Victor’s mysterious appearances during difficult times in people’s lives helps them to understand what God can do for them.

The following is an edited transcript of The Christian Post’s interview with Marchiano in which he gives insight into his early life, his transformation in God and how it turned him away from mainstream Hollywood and closer to Jesus.

Christian Post: Can you share an overview of the new season of “The Encounter” series and your role?

Marchiano: “The Encounter” brings Jesus into our contemporary world, face to face with everyday lives, reaching into their hearts and struggles with His grace, guidance and salvation. Think “Touched by an Angel” or “Highway to Heaven,” except it’s the Lord Himself.

I’m privileged to portray Jesus, though not in robe/sandals, haha! In one episode, Jesus manifests as a handyman; in another, an Uber driver … meeting each character “right where they’re at.” The constant message of the series is, “I am with you … come to Me, … trust Me, … I love you.” It’s very humbling to see the Lord touch so many lives with this simple message of His intimacy, involvement and care.

CP: You started your career as a mainstream actor in Hollywood. What made you transition into the Christian film industry?

Marchiano: I started my career in 1984 and was born again in ’89. Almost from day one I sensed the Lord changing my heart and part of that was turning down ungodly roles/shows — which triggered a season of extreme financial struggle (talk about clinging to faith by my fingernails!). Then in ’93 I was cast to portray Jesus in “The Visual Bible: The Gospel of Matthew.” It was a life-transforming experience that ruined me for Hollywood.

Once a guy gets a taste of making films for the Lord — films that change lives — nothing else satisfies. So I put away my mainstream dreams and turned wholeheartedly to ministry and Christian films. It hasn’t always been easy but I couldn’t be more thankful and thrilled.   

CP: How did playing Jesus in the blockbuster “Visual Bible” series change your life?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law