From Riots to Revival: George Floyd Ave Turns Into Outdoor Church

The street corner of Chicago and 38th in Minneapolis where George Floyd died a few weeks ago has gone from a place of tragedy and unrest to a place of revival. Not only has the atmosphere of the area shifted, it’s also gotten a new name. Chicago Ave has been renamed George Floyd Ave. Dr. Charles Karuku and his wife, Lindsey, are leading believers from different churches and locations as they minister to the people showing up to pay their respects to the late Floyd.

The Karukus, an interracial couple living in Minneapolis, hope that what started as a tragedy would transform into a global revival. Charles is the senior pastor of International Outreach Church in Burnsville, Minnesota. He and Lindsey have been setting up an outdoor service each evening this week as people travel to the George Floyd Memorial.

Calling their effort Unity Revival Minneapolis, the Karukus have set up a Facebook page that now has over 1800 followers. Speaking to CBN, Charles said God had been preparing the couple to lead the movement even before Floyd’s death. “I was on a 40-day fast that ended the day after George Floyd was killed,” Dr. Charles told CBN. “When we started the fast, the Lord told us that, on the day of Pentecost, He would do a big thing. We did not know what it would be, so we kept praying and fasting. The day we ended the fast, the riots broke out.”

Instead of running from the riots, the couple decided to go to the place where Floyd was killed and preach the gospel. The movement they started is focused on personal evangelism. They send people in pairs to evangelize to those gathered at the memorial site.

Every day there have been “hundreds of people” coming to Christ, the couple said in a Facebook video. They say it’s been “exciting to see the body of Christ be active.” Being the organizers, the Karukus see their role as providing an opportunity for people who want to do something to address the wound the incident has reopened in the United States. They are seeing people coming “from all over the country, even other parts of the world” to do what they can to help.

Charles says, “Jesus Christ brings us together, and through Jesus Christ we can be united one to another. Because reconciliation starts first with God and then one with another.”

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Source: Church Leaders