Business owner claims police didn’t respond to calls about protester from Seattle CHAZ setting fire to shop

The owner of an auto shop near Seattle’s autonomous zone said his business was broken into and vandalized by at least one protester, but police never answered this many calls to 911.

Car Tender owner John McDermott told local media outlet KIRO 7 that a person broke into the shop, tried to start a fire, and stole money and car keys over the weekend. The zone, dubbed “CHAZ” or “CHOP,” was established last week following the death of George Floyd in May and declared itself free of police.

McDermott said that he and his son, Mason McDermott, tried calling 911 more than a dozen times, but no officers came to the area. The father and son got to the establishment just as the suspect had rubbed hand sanitizer over the store’s counter and lit it on fire. They were able to put the fire out quickly.

“[They] broke into the building — set fire to the front counter,” John McDermott said.

“I chased him down, and as soon as I came face-to-face, he came at me, so I put him on the ground,” Mason McDermott said, adding that he held the suspect down as his father repeatedly called authorities.

“At some point, he tried to cut me with a box cutter,” and showed local journalists a rip on his jeans, he said.

The father claimed police at first hinted they would respond to the calls.

“I’m told 19 times,” he said of how many times he called. “They alluded they were sending someone … finally said they weren’t going to send somebody.”

“I don’t know what to expect next. If you can’t call the police department, you can’t call the fire department to respond, what do you have?” he continued. “Heartbroken. I mean, they are the cavalry.”

Other protesters rushed over when they saw the business owners had the suspect detained, prompting them to release the person.

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Source: Washington Examiner