Report: Craigslist Ad Sought “Covid Positive People” to Attend Trump Rally in Tulsa

A Craigslist ad in Tulsa, Oklahoma, purportedly sought “Covid positive people” to visit the BOK Center on Saturday, where a Trump rally is set to take place.

According to an archived page, an unknown party was seeking people infected with the coronavirus to show up at the convention center “to work in a large scale test on transmission of the virus.”

“If you have been diagnosed as having the Covid virus and really want to make a difference, we are hiring 20 of you to work in a large scale test on transmission of the virus,” the now-deleted ad stated.

The ad proceeded to tell participants what attire to wear:

Please assemble outside the BOK convention center on Saturday night wearing all black or if arriving in a group of 4, please dress in the following manner:

One dressed in all white
One dressed in all black
One dressed in coveralls
One barefoot or wearing flip flops
This will make it easy to identify you.

Singers, or people with a bad cough preferred

The ad did not specify a dollar amount that participants would be paid.

Source: Infowars