Michael Brown on No One Will Tell Me What I Must and Must Not Say

(Unsplash/Jackson Simmer)

Because I love God and my neighbor, I will always try to be respectful and civil in my speech. At the same time, society will not tell me what words I must and must not say. Sorry, but I’m not playing that very dangerous game. I urge you not to play that game either.

For years, in order to have dialogue with people with different perspectives, as well as to interact with the younger generation, I have freely chosen to use words like “gay” or “lesbian” rather than only saying “homosexual.” At the same time, I have had no illusions. I knew I would be just as hated, just as vilified, just as judged by those whose agenda I rejected.

But that’s not what we were told. We were told that we needed to show sensitivity. That it was imperative that we used the proper terminology. That we must go out of our way to not offend with our words. This is the enlightened way.

But because we resisted the radical agenda of LGBTQ+ activists, we were branded bigots and homophobes and haters and transphobes, just the same. Our careful communication did not win us brownie points in the end.

Let that serve as an example today. Quoting the right phrases will not get you a free pass. Avoiding the wrong words will not exempt you from attack. Do not be deceived.

If you do not conform completely to the latest demands of the crowd, you will be reviled, excommunicated and cancelled. You have been forewarned.

When it comes to homosexual issues, I still use terms like “gay” or “lesbian” to interact with those who would otherwise not hear me. And I choose to use the latest version of “LGBTQ+” to illustrate the point I and others have made for years. There is no end in sight. There will always be another term. Another orientation. Another identity. This is what happens when you deviate from “male and female He created them.”

But if I were forced to use the latest, acceptable terminology “or else,” I would politely refuse. No one has the right to dictate the words that you and I use.

Today, we must say “black lives matter” to prove our orthodoxy. Perhaps tomorrow we will have to pay reparations?

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SOURCE: Charisma News