Iran’s Underground Church Shares Christ’s Love Amid Coronavirus Plague

Covid-19 relief aid being distributed in Iran

Iran is one of the countries that has been hit the worst by Covid-19 – possibly 20 times worse than the reported figures, according to Open Doors UK and Ireland.

Like most churches believers had to stop meeting – but, for Iranian Christians, meeting together already had to be done in small, secret house churches.

“As soon as the outbreak of the virus was announced, we stopped all our face-to-face meetings,” says Salomeh*, a secret believer in Iran. “Everyone is obeying the rules and doesn’t even visit his or her family.”

But Iranian Christians haven’t been left isolated. Open Doors says through their support, they have been able to worship together online – and they’ve received food and aid that they desperately need.

“In this time of crisis, we have over 10 hours of prayer meetings every day,” says Salomeh. “We created a special prayer schedule that we call ‘Frontline’ where prayer members can virtually walk in and out to come to pray together.”

Open Doors partners have helped equip the church with these online resources. They’ve also responded to the dire economic conditions in the country: “The situation is not good at all,” reports a believer. “Inflation is so high that people cannot afford to buy meat, poultry, or even fruit.”

In these dark times for the country, the underground church is shining brightly. Thanks to the gifts of Open Doors supporters, and from their own means, they share their food and sanitising items with their communities.

Members of the underground church in Iran report how blessed they feel to be able to do this work and how much impact it has: “The distribution was a fabulous and unbelievable experience,” says one Christian. “People were astonished when we gave them the food. They praised God with thanksgiving psalms, crying, hugging and shouting. The relief packages were a big blessing and God had guided us to the right people.”

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SOURCE: Assist News