India says Its Soldiers were Mutilated After Being Beaten to Death by Chinese Troops in Brutal Himalayan Border Battle – and Reveals the Nail-Embedded Sticks Used in Brawl

The Indians today claimed that after their men were savaged with nail-studded clubs, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army mutilated their corpses at the disputed Himalayan border on Monday (pictured: a nail-studded club used by the Chinese, left; and the coffin of Colonel Santosh Babu, top and bottom right, who was slaughtered after trying to make peace with the PLA). Twenty Indian troops were killed in the clash, while at least 43 Chinese were wounded in the first deadly clashes between the two nuclear-armed countries since 1975. No bullets were fired as per a peace treaty which bars firearms within 2km of the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the line drawn down the 17,000ft valley after India’s defeat in the 1962 Sino-Indian War.

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SOURCE: Mail Online