New Survey Finds Americans Are More Unhappy Now Than They Have Been in 50 Years

Americans are more unhappy in 2020 than they have been in approximately 50 years amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey.

New data from the recently released COVID Response Tracking Study from the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago suggests that only 14% of U.S. adults report being “very happy.” This represents a drop from 31% who said the same in 2018.

A total of 38% of survey respondents said they feel “depressed or very unhappy.”

In the survey, 50% of Americans reported sometimes or often feeling isolated in the previous four weeks as many Americans have stayed home in recent months to follow local and state stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 crisis. By comparison, only 23% said the same in 2018.

“The historical context reveals unique impacts of the outbreak on public sentiment: an all-time low in people saying they are very happy (14%) combined with an all-time high in people saying they are satisfied with their family’s financial situation (80%),” a NORC analysis of the data reads.

“These contrasting findings suggest that people are comparing their happiness to their own psychological well-being before the pandemic while assessing their finances in relation to the millions of fellow Americans who have lost jobs, wages, or investments following the outbreak.”

The study finds that “exposure to the coronavirus either personally or geographically in a highly-impacted area is linked with greater feelings of loneliness and other negative emotional states.”

The NORC poll surveyed 2,279 adults from May 21 to May 29 with funding from the National Science Foundation. The study uses a sample from NORC’s probability-based AmeriSpeak Panel, which is designed to be representative of the U.S. population.

The study was conducted online and over the phone in English and Spanish. The data has a 2.9-percentage-point margin of error.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter