6 states report record-high jumps in coronavirus cases as reopening plans weighed

The United States may be at a crucial point in the coronavirus pandemic, with cases rising again and officials deciding whether to stay the course on reopening. At least 19 states have seen new cases go up in the last two weeks and six states on Tuesday reported record increases, CBS News’ Manuel Bojorquez reports.

Florida reported 2,783 new cases. Texas reported 2,622, and Arizona reported a one-day jump of 2,392 new cases. Oklahoma, Oregon and Nevada also reported their highest single-day spikes in cases yet.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dismissed concerns Tuesday that reopenings are driving his state’s record-breaking run. He said spikes there are due to increased testing, particularly in high-risk areas like nursing homes and farming communities.

“You do now have widespread testing of asymptomatic people,” he said at a press conference Tuesday.

He acknowledged that community spread is happening, but the state’s reopening plan isn’t changing.

“The restaurants have been doing this for, what have they been doing it for – for six weeks? I mean, the idea that that all of a sudden is the reason, I’m not sure that that’s the case. So no, we’re not shutting down,” he said.

Source: CBS