At Boston Prayer Event, Benjamin Watson Says ‘Spiritual Change is Needed’ to Combat Sin of Racism in America

More than a thousand people gathered for Boston Pray, an event to help the community seek racial unity, June 14, 2020. | Screenshot: Facebook/UniteBoston

Hundreds of people gathered in Boston on Sunday afternoon for a prayer event that former New England Patriot Ben Watson helped organize to encourage the community to seek the biblical values of kindness, justice and righteousness as they deal with the sin of racism.

“What is always needed is a spiritual change,” Watson said at the Boston Pray event held in the Parkman Bandstand of the Boston Common and organized by Unite Boston, the Watson One Foundation and other groups, including local churches.

“That’s at the heart of everything. Racism is sin,” the former NFL star told a cheering crowd as protests entered into their third week in many cities and states since the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, in Minnesota. Floyd died on May 25 while he was lying on the ground, handcuffed, and restrained by three officers in Minneapolis.

“The idea is to get believers and nonbelievers to come together and pray and seek God’s face in terms of our next steps,” Watson said. “When it comes to racism or issues of our day, we must enter into it with humility.

“Everybody wants to do something, but it’s always important to understand that our wisdom is nothing compared to God’s. But also humbly come together to show some unity, even though we have to address some real issues in this city and this nation.”

Change, he continued, doesn’t come until we have “honest conversations and do the work that needs to be done.”

Boston Pray was based on Jeremiah 9:24, as he had told Fox News days before the event.

The passage reads: “‘But let the one who boasts boast about this: that they have the understanding to know me, that I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight,’ declares the LORD.”

Watson encouraged the community to treat people with the kindness that they want to receive.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Anugrah Kumar