Gov Andrew Cuomo threatens another Manhattan and Hamptons shutdown as 25,000 violations are recorded over street drinking and lack of social distancing since reopening

New York’s governor threatened to roll back phased reopening plans Sunday after large crowds gathered outside bars in New York City in violation of coronavirus lockdown guidelines.

Andrew Cuomo said his office had received 25,000 complaints of reopening violations by businesses as New Yorkers flocked to streets to enjoy a weekend of sunshine.

‘Lots of violations of social distancing, parties in the street, restaurants and bars ignoring laws,’ he tweeted.

‘Enforce the law or there will be state action,’ Cuomo warned local authorities.

New York City, the epicenter of America’s coronavirus outbreak, is in phase one of Cuomo’s four-phase reopening plan. It started reopening Monday.

Restaurants and bars are allowed to offer takeaway food and drinks but are not permitted to offer outside seating until phase two, expected later this month.

Under social distancing guidelines, gatherings are meant to be capped at ten people.

It is also illegal to drink alcohol in public places in New York.

The governor retweeted a video showing hundreds of people partying in a street in Manhattan’s East Village on Friday evening, many of whom were not wearing a mask, with the words, ‘Don’t make me come down there.’

At his daily briefing Sunday Cuomo said: ‘To these people who are now violating it. It’s illegal. It’s also wrong. It is just disrespectful not to wear a mask.

‘It’s disrespectful to the health care workers and the essential workers who sacrificed themselves for 100 days, some of whom died and gave their life to crush this COVID virus.

‘They gave their life. It is disrespectful not to have the courtesy, the decency, to wear a mask. We all celebrate them, demonstrations, TV ads, God bless the health care workers. Yeah, good, act that way. Act that way. Show a modicum of respect and wear a mask.’

The Governor also reminded bars and restaurants that any violations of reopening rules and guidelines can result in the loss of that establishment’s liquor license.

Additionally, individuals can be fined for open container and social distancing violations.

At the height of the crisis in early April almost 800 people were dying a day in the state.

On Sunday, Cuomo reported that 23 residents had succumbed to COVID-19 in the past 24 hours – a new record low. There are now 24,550 death in New York and 382,630 cases.

He also said that total virus hospitalizations fell to 1,657, the lowest since March 20.

Cuomo also signed legislation requiring the State Department of Health to conduct a study on the health impacts of COVID-19 on minorities in the state.

The state previously conducted an antibody testing survey at churches in lower-income New York City communities and communities of color, which showed higher infection rates among individuals in these communities compared to the overall population

He also announced Sunday that low-risk youth sports for regions in phase three of reopening can begin on July 6 with up to two spectators allowed per child.

Source: Daily Mail