Churches in the Global South Provide Food and Supplies to Combat Coronavirus

Women in Tanzia making liquid soap to fight COVID-19. (Photo courtesy of Compassion International on Facebook)

COVID-19 ripped through the developed world quickly. But the virus is now making more progress into developing countries and countries in the Global South.

Sidney Muisyo from Compassion International lays out some of the countries now being most affected by COVID-19, including many in South America. “Currently we are seeing Brazil just shooting through the roof. Peru is one more country that we are concerned about. Ecuador has also gone through a very difficult time. The other countries that we are watching are Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Tanzania.”

As COVID-19 spreads, the poorest families will be hit harder than anyone else. Even at the best of times, Muisyo says, the healthcare system in these countries can’t keep up with diseases like malaria or even routine vaccinations.

“Secondly,” Muisyo says, “Populations that we work with have lived lives of poverty. The general immunity tends to be compromised because they’re not getting balanced meals. Nutritional intake is typically compromised. When you encounter a pandemic like this COVID-19, that tends to exacerbate the situation.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that churches in the Global South would bear witness to Christ during the pandemic.
  • Consider supporting Compassion International so they can get aid to the people that need it.
  • Pray that COVID-19 would die out in these countries.