Sweltering Temperatures Complicate Coronavirus Face Mask Safety

A nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital wears a unique mask as the hospital celebrates the release of a COVID-19 patient after 45 days in their care in Orange, California, May 5, 2020. REUTERS/Mike Blake

When the sun does its impression of an Easy Bake Oven, the only thing you can do is look for some shade.

That’s exactly what Patricia Granberg was doing under a shelter at a Ross Township park at midday Tuesday.

“I’m dealing with it be best way I know how. Plenty of fluids and stuff like that,” she said.

But add the COVID-19 precaution of having to wear a mask, and Yvette says, “It’s like suffocating. Absolutely suffocating.”

Christina Mikus agrees.

“It definitely limits activity and that’s why I think you see so many people with them just on the mouth,” she said.

Ross Brooks, who was sporting a red bandana, said, “It’s a little sweaty, but it’s worth it not spreading coronavirus.”

Dr. Brian Lamb who practices Internal Medicine at AHN says there are times when you can take the mask off.

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SOURCE: CBS Pittsburgh, John Shumway