NYPD Gives 7-Year-Old Bronx Boy Who Lost His Parents to a Murder-Suicide Last Year a Trip to Disney World and $5000 for College

A 7-year-old Bronx orphan who has been living a nightmare for the past year will be getting his dream vacation thanks to New York’s Finest.

Little Tyrone Lowe of Morris Park, who found his mother shot dead by his dad — and then had to deal with his father committing suicide in December 2015 — was gifted with a weeklong trip to Disney World and $5,000 for college by 49th Precinct cops.

Arriving by police vehicle for a press conference at the precinct Thursday, Tyrone was greeted with big hugs from Mickey and Minnie Mouse on his way into the station house, which was decorated with balloons and Disney posters.

“They are great, they are awesome. Thank you, I love you. Thank you for all of the stuff that you gave me. I am so proud of you guys. Can I just say that I love you?” gushed the boy, who was wearing a police cap along with a shirt that read “Commanding Officer Tyrone Lowe” and had the precinct’s number on it.

During the ceremony, Tyrone was presented with a $5,000 check for the Tyrone Lowe Scholarship Fund and his paid trip to Disney World.

“You got godmothers and godfathers for the rest of your life in the 49th Precinct. Whenever you need any help, you come here,” said Anthony Vitaliano, chairman of Community Board 11 and a retired lieutenant.

Since his parents’ passing, the boy has been cared for by his aunt, Annabelle Williams, who was present at the event.

Tyrone was lauded as “a bright, young boy” by the officers, who started raising funds for him after the loss of both his parents. At the precinct’s Christmas party, when asked what he wanted, Tyrone said he didn’t need anything educational, because he’s already smart.

“We are invested in Tyrone. We are invested in his future. May God continue to keep him in his good graces, continue to bless you and we want you to be the best you can be,” said an emotional Capt. Keith Walton, the precinct’s commanding officer.

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Source: New York Post | Georgett Roberts and Samantha Tomaszewski