Jerry Wiles on The Curiosity Factor: The Importance of Asking the Right Questions

Kids everywhere typically ask a lot of questions

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning,” so said William Arthur Ward, one of America’s most quoted writers.  Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Unfortunately, many people lose that curiosity and thirst for knowledge as they grow older.  One of the things we notice about most young children is that they have a healthy curiosity and ask a lot of questions. They learn fast because of their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Cultivating Curiosity

It is often said that we don’t know what we don’t know, and sadly, many people have little interest or curiosity in discovering what it is that they don’t know. However, the good news is that curiosity can be cultivated and developed, in ourselves and others.  Scripture tells us we should let our speech be with grace, seasoned with salt. Salt does create thirst, but it can also irritate or offend. Jesus said that, as His followers, we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We are to let our light shine that others may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.

Joy of Serving the Thirsty

One of the great joys working with Living Water International is serving and working among the neediest people on earth, physically and spiritually. People who have curiosity and a thirst for knowledge will learn faster than those who think they know all they need to know. Not only is there thirst for physical water, but a deep interest and curiosity about spiritual matters.  It is the Living Water that Jesus gives that satisfies our deepest thirst.

Equipped for Reproducing Impact

We learn a lot from people who participate in our Orality Training programs. It is exciting to see people come alive with new life and joy to learn and share God’s truth with others. Oral strategies give them greater confidence to simply ask questions and tell stories that can transform lives. It is also an effective method of hiding the Word of God in our hearts. Followers of Jesus can be equipped with just what is in their heads and hearts, that can be reproduced in the heads and hearts of others. With adequate Orality Training, people can go anywhere, and communicate the Good Story of Jesus to every person and make disciples among all people groups.

Excitement of Sharing Christ

A lady in a Central American country, who participated in one of LWI’s Orality Training Workshops, told us she has never learned to read or write. She went on to say that she can now share her faith with her family and others in her community. An older gentleman in his late 80s, who attended an Orality Training in the United States said, “I wish I had learned this 70 years ago.” The training was truly transformational for him, and he began to have a new passion for sharing Christ with others and using the methods in his Bible teaching. He found that it increased his effectiveness for engaging people in conversation, communicating spiritual truth and assisting others on their journey of following Jesus.

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SOURCE: Assist News, Jerry Wiles