Randy Alcorn Rejects Idea That People Will Forget Everything About Their Earthly Lives When They Go to Heaven

Randy Alcorn has objected to the claim of some that when people go to Heaven, they will forget everything about their previous life on earth.

The author of the bestselling 2004 book Heaven penned a column for Desiring God detailing misconceptions about the afterlife.

In particular, Alcorn took issue with the claim that people who go to Heaven will not remember anything about their former life on earth, labeling it a “Hindu, not Christian” idea.

“You will be you in heaven. Who else would you be? Since we’ll give an account of our lives on earth, we must remain us, and our memories will have to be better, not worse,” wrote Alcorn.

“Scripture gives no indication of a memory wipe causing us not to recognize family and friends. In fact, if we wouldn’t know our loved ones, the comfort of an afterlife reunion, taught in 1 Thessalonians 4:14–18, would be no comfort at all.”

Alcorn argued that “Christ’s resurrection is our prototype” when dealing with how memory will work with entry into Heaven, pointing to Christ identifying Himself to His disciples after death.

“He proclaimed, ‘It is I myself’ (Luke 24:39). When Thomas said, ‘My Lord and my God,’ he knew he was speaking to the same Jesus he’d lived with for years,” continued Alcorn.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski