Black Couple Celebrates their Wedding with George Floyd Protesters in Philadelphia After Coronavirus Canceled Original Plans

Dr Kerry Anne Perkins and Michael Gordon celebrated their wedding alongside Black Lives Matter protesters in Philadelphia on Saturday after their original nuptial plans were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic

A Philadelphia couple celebrated their wedding alongside Black Lives Matter protesters after their original nuptial plans were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Kerry Anne Perkins and Michael Gordon were taking photos outside the Logan Hotel on Saturday when hundreds of people participating in a march honoring George Floyd passed by on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

The newlyweds decided to merge their celebration with the demonstration as protesters erupted with congratulatory cheers.

A video shared on Instagram shows Perkins and Gordon holding hands and raising their fists in the air while drums sound in the background.

The couple then continued marching with the protesters all the way to City Hall.

Crowds cheered as the couple shared a kiss outside the Logan Hotel after joining the march along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Saturday afternoon

The impromptu decision to join the march allowed the couple to share their wedding day with a much larger crowd than they’d planned.

Wedding planner Rev Roxy Birchfield explained that Perkins and Gordon were originally slated to get married at Legacy Castle in New Jersey, before the coronavirus pandemic threw them for a loop.

Instead they decided to hold a ‘micro wedding’ on the lawn of the Logan Hotel.

Protesters passing through Logan Square cheered when they spotted the couple taking their ‘first look’ photos in front of the hotel.

As Perkins and Gordon stepped into the street the crowds parted, offering a unique backdrop for some unforgettable wedding footage.

In one widely shared video, the couple shared a kiss while onlookers unleashed a chorus of cheers and applause.

Birchfield posted several photos and videos of the celebration on her Instagram.

Perkins and Gordon are seen wearing masks and holding their fits up in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement during their wedding on the lawn of the Logan Hotel
The couple beamed as they walked over to join the march honoring George Floyd

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Megan Sheets