Marine Corps bans public display of Confederate flag on its bases and installations amid nationwide unrest over George Floyd killing

The United States Marine Corps has officially barred public displays of the Confederate battle flag from public spaces, including bases and military installations, following the police-involved death of George Floyd.

‘The Confederate battle flag has all too often been co-opted by violent extremist and racist groups whose divisive beliefs have no place in our Corps,’ the Marine Corps said in a social media post Friday.

‘This presents a threat to our core values, unit cohesion, security, and good order and discipline,’ the post read.

‘This must be addressed.’

The Corps on Friday issued a MARADMIN, or a Marine Administrative Message, to all of its commanders ordering the removal of the flag as depicted on bumper stickers, clothing, coffee mugs, flags, and posters.

Exceptions will be made to works of art or historical displayers where the flag is depicted but is not the ‘main focus of the work.’

These exceptions also cover stage flags where the Confederate flag is part of the symbol, state license plates that include the image of the flag, and grave sites of soldiers who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Public spaces that will be subject to inspection include office buildings, open-bay barracks and shipboard berthing, commissaries, schoolhouses, and front yards of military housing, according to the Marine Corps Times.

But commanders will not inspect assigned individual barracks rooms or living quarters. They will also not be inspecting assigned desk drawers, cabinets, or lockers.

Marine Corps soldiers can display the flag inside their individual backpacks, private vehicles, and in their homes.

The senior officership of the Marine Corps has taken several steps in recent months to do away with the controversial battle flag.

In April, the top Marine, General David Berger, took on the issue of racial tensions within the Corps by banning the display of the Confederate flag and other such symbols.

In a memo to the Corps on April 20, he said, ‘I am mindful that many people believe that flag to be a symbol of heritage or regional pride.

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Source: Daily Mail