WATCH: Elderly Dog is Very Unamused at the Antics of her Owner’s New Puppy in Adorable Video

Footage shows Cooper darting up and down, all over the sofa while Sophie worriedly looks from the puppy to her owner and back again

Only-children will relate to this nine-year-old dog who is incredulous that, at her age, she has to start living with an impossibly hyperactive puppy sibling.

Sophie has always been an only child but, now that her owner has adopted chorkie puppy Cooper, they will have to get used to living together in Airway Heights, Washington.

The video shows the adorably tiny brown puppy jumping back and forth on the sofa with its tail wagging uncontrollably.

Boston terrier Sophie sits on the carpet with a comically painful look on her face as she watches her new brother.

Sophie looks from her owner to the puppy and back to her owner again, seemingly in disbelief that her owner has brought Cooper home.

Right at the end of the video Sophie shakes her body, scaring Cooper who leaps away from her instantly.

Their owner said: ‘Sophie does not do well with other dogs.

‘She has always been an only “dog child”.

‘She usually likes babies (human and dog) and has actually done very well with Cooper, the chorkie.

‘Cooper has a ton of puppy energy and Sophie, being nine, enjoys just laying around and relaxing so she was not amused with his antics the day I recorded the video.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jordan King