Agitator stops his car to set off a mortar firework during peaceful George Floyd demonstration in California, forcing a protester to throw the makeshift bomb back into his car

Karma does bite back.

Shocking footage shows the moment when a protest agitator in California tried to throw a mortar firework in the midst of a peaceful protest.

The wild clips were filmed on Tuesday in Riverside, California, and show a man attempting to disrupt protests with his vehicle before trying to set off the makeshift bomb.

But as soon as he lights the device, protesters descend onto the fireworks and immediately throw them back inside his car.

The man tries to light the device again and tries to flee in his car but before he can, the bomb is thrown close to his vehicle.

It ignites inside the interior of the vehicle with a loud boom, causing bystanders to run from the scene.

But several others decide to go an actually help the man from the vehicle, which is now smoking. Several can be seen pushing the vehicle so that it stops rolling.

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Source: Daily Mail