Woman Suffers Life-Threatening Emergency During Abortion Procedure at Illinois Planned Parenthood Clinic

An ambulance idles outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Flossmoor, Illinois, on May 8, 2020. | Screenshot; YouTube/ Cheryl Sullenger

The pro-life organization Operation Rescue has raised concerns about the health and safety of women seeking abortions at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Flossmoor, Illinois, after two consecutive medical emergencies occurred there.

Operation Rescue, one of the nation’s leading activist groups opposing abortion, reports that one of the two emergencies occurred when an abortionist tore a woman’s uterus during an abortion.

The life-threatening incident that occurred on May 8 resulted in a call to 911 and an ensuing dispatch of an ambulance to the clinic.

Operation Rescue obtained the May 8 911 call recording and a document showing that it took an ambulance about seven minutes to arrive at the scene.

According to the audio recording of the 911 call, a Planned Parenthood employee told a 911 dispatcher that the facility needed a medical transport for a woman with a possible “uterine perforation.”

“We have a patient during a procedure. Possible Perf,” the employee told the dispatcher.

Operation Rescue contends that the employee’s use of the slang term for the injury suggests that it might be a frequent occurrence.

“The use of the abbreviated term for ‘perforation’ seems to imply that this kind of injury has happened often enough that a slang term was developed for it,” Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said in a statement. “In fact, I have seen this injury mentioned frequently in many 911 records that have crossed my desk.”

According to Operation Rescue, a uterine perforation is a “life-threatening injury that occurs when the abortionist pushes abortion instruments through the womb and into the abdominal cavity,” which causes a hole or tear in the uterus that needs surgical repair at a hospital.

A perforation can result in hemorrhaging and damage to other organs, according to Operation Rescue.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith