Trump lags in polls as crises press

President Trump took to Twitter on Monday morning to complain about a “heavily biased Democrat Poll” — the latest sign he is feeling the pressure as his fortunes sag five months before November’s election.

The poll from ABC News and The Washington Post showed Trump losing to likely Democratic challenger Joe Biden by 10 percentage points. The poll is not a notable outlier among recent surveys, nor is there any objective evidence that it is biased.

The results point to the electoral perils Trump faces as unrest about racial injustice explodes across the nation while voters grapple with the coronavirus crisis and its economic impact.

People braced for another night of confrontation on Monday, with Washington, New York and Los Angeles among the cities imposing curfews.

For Trump, one danger is that he is seen as unable to get the country under control.

Many experts are sure this spells trouble, and maybe electoral doom, for Trump.

Allan Lichtman, a history professor at American University and one of the few prominent observers to predict Trump’s 2016 victory, said the president is “really in much worse shape than he was five months ago.”

Referring to the cumulative effects of COVID-19, economic disruption and social unrest, Lichtman added that, for Trump, “there will be an electoral price to be paid for what is going on in the country.”

Source: The Hill