The Black and White Church Has Failed America, and as We Have Said for Over 10 Years, God is Dismantling America Piece by Piece Because of the Sin of the Church That Led to the Sin of the Government

The Article, Which is a British Publication, Says in Large Second Coming Letters “Broken America” and Yes, America is Broken. But Why is She Broken? America is Broken Because She Did Not Take Heed to Her Prophets Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. E.V. Hill, Dr. Francis Schaeffer, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., and Prophet Leonard Ravenhill. Our Modern Day So-called Church Leaders Who Think They Are Very Special and Very Smart Have Led the Church to Fail America. The Black and White Church Has Failed America, and as We’ve Said Before, the Reason Why the Coronavirus Plague is On Us is Because it is Primarily a Plague Against the Church Because of Her Sins of Pride, Prayerlessness, Stubbornness, Rebelliousness, Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality, the Sanctioning of Homosexuality, Racism, and Not Obeying the Great Commission or the Great Commandment, as Well as Compromising With Politicians and the World. Prophet Leonard Ravenhill said churches and pastors and playing instead of praying. Pastors and Churches Have Failed America and They Are Still Failing America as the Church is Powerless With the Government to Overturn Such Foolishness as the Sanctioning of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda, and Even in This Present Racial Crisis They Obviously Do Not Have Any Influence on the Protesters That Have Gone Wild Causing Chaos in This Country. Peaceful, nonviolent protests against evil are good and necessary, but burning down and looting your own community is stupid and has nothing to do with the tragic murder of Mr. Floyd.                                                                                                                                  -BCNN1

The devastation of overnight rioting and looting has been laid bare in shocking images from across multiple US cities as black mayors of Washington, DC, and Atlanta, Georgia, plead for an end to violent demonstrations.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, both Democratic women, said while they support Americans’ right to protest, they wish it was not at the expense of the safety of their community.

Authorities across the nation have arrested more than 1,400 people in 17 cities since Thursday. At least three people have died since the protests began following the horrifying death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed while in the custody of Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officers on Memorial Day.

‘We’re sending a very clear message to people that they have a right to exercise their First Amendment rights, but not to destroy our city,’ Bowser told NBC’s Chuck Todd in a joint interview with Lance Bottoms on Sunday morning.

‘So we saw a level of just destruction and mayhem among some that was maddening,’ she continued. ‘Our crews are out right now cleaning up our city, and we are working with all of our law enforcement partners to ensure calm in our city.’

Bowser’s comments came as rioters took to the streets in DC over the weekend, clashing with law enforcement all over the city – and even in front of the White House.

Lance Bottoms told Meet the Press that 157 people were arrested in Atlanta.

She admitted that ‘there are no easy answers’ on how to respond to Floyd’s death or race relations between black people and cops, but agreed with Boswer in asserting that ‘the solution is not to destroy our cities’.

George Floyd’s killing reignited tensions between law enforcement and the black community in the US causing unrest across the country (protests in major cities depicted)
Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (right) and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (left) pleaded Sunday morning that rioters stop ‘destroying our cities’ as they protest the death of George Floyd

Protests have escalated across the country all week after video emerged of Floyd being killed during the arrest in Minneapolis.

The cellphone video footage showed that Floyd was handcuffed as four police officers pinned him down.

Derek Chauvin, a 44-year-old white cop who has since been arrested, is seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes as the victim repeatedly said he could not breathe.

Chauvin was taken into custody on Friday after protesters called for him to be arrested – and he was charged with third-degree murder.

Floyd’s family, as well as protesters, are calling for the three other officers involved in the arrest – J Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao – to be charged, too.

Washington, DC 

In Washington, DC, the National Guard was activated as almost 1,000 protesters surrounded the White House Saturday night and squared off with Secret Service agents, DC police and United States Park Police.

Law enforcement struck protesters with batons and sprayed pepper spray into the crowds as demonstrators responded by hurling fireworks and bottles at the officers.

Clashes broke out between the crowds and Secret Service agents as they surrounded the president’s residence and at least three Secret Service vehicles were seen with their windows smashed and profanities scrawled on the side of them in graffiti.

On Sunday morning, demonstrators took to the streets again, protesting Floyd’s death outside an entrance to the White House.

In addition to DC, a total of 11 states have activated the National Guard as law enforcement buckled under the strain of the protests.

States calling for Guard assistance included California, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington state.

Meanwhile at least 25 cities rolled out emergency curfews to try to bring rioting and looting under control, including San Francisco, Atlanta, Louisville, Los Angeles, Portland, Columbia, South Carolina, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Seattle.

President Trump has put the Army on notice to deploy to the streets with a four-hour notice – the first time this will have been done in almost 20 years during the 1992 LA riots over the beating of Rodney King by cops.

The White House went on emergency lockdown, as the president was inside during the protests, and a demonstrator tried to scale the fence in Lafayette Park to get inside.

The man was manhandled by Secret Service, removed from the park and taken into custody at the Treasury Annex.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta also had its fair share of rioters descend on the city in the last few days, but Lance Bottoms said that while the scene in the city was ‘a bit more calm last night’ than previous days, it ‘wasn’t perfect’.

‘People were still out protesting by and large peacefully. We had a curfew last night, a 9 o’clock curfew.

‘We ended up arresting around 157 people last night,’ she said. ‘So, we know the frustration is still there and all of the issues and all of the concerns and anger that were there on Friday haven’t gone away.’

She also admitted that a lot of those who showed up to protest, riot and demonstrate were not from the Atlanta area.

As part of the chaos in Atlanta Saturday, a cop suffered ‘significant injuries’ after they were hit by someone driving an ATV during protests – the driver was taken into custody.

Around 3,000 National Guardsmen and women were activated in Georgia after the Republican governor, Brian Kemp, signed an executive order Saturday night.

National Guard soldiers were seen creating a barrier outside the Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta while fireworks rained down on police officers in some parts of the city.

Friday was even more chaotic in Atlanta, when demonstrators stormed and destroyed the CNN headquarters and fired a smoke bomb at cops trying to form a barrier to keep them out.

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

The clashes in Minneapolis marked the fifth night of arson, looting and vandalism in parts of the state’s largest city, and its adjacent capital, St Paul.

The state’s governor said on Saturday that he was activating the full Minnesota National Guard for the first time since World War Two.

About 170 stores have been looted and some burned to the ground in St Paul, its mayor said on Sunday.

Images show volunteers digging and searching through debris of businesses along East Lake Street in Minneapolis on Sunday for possible charred remains of rumored victims trapped in the building.

In response to the protests, Target Corp announced it was closing 100 stores, with about 30 in Minnesota.

Hundreds of people from around Minnesota and other parts of the country headed to the Twin Cities to assist with the cleanup process.

Most people were seen sweeping up glass outside of businesses while some people helped clean up a local library where dozens of books were burned.

The Minnesota National Guard announced at around 10.30pm Saturday night that it was sending 10,800 troops in to tackle protests.

State police officers were seen in their masses surrounding the fifth police precinct Saturday night after officials insisted that the city would be brought under control following four nights of widespread destruction including a suspected looter being shot dead, businesses being burned to the ground and police officers forced to flee for their lives when a police precinct was stormed and torched.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Friday imposed a mandatory nighttime curfew for residents citywide after three nights of protests. The curfew prohibits anyone from being in public spaces between 8pm and 6am this weekend.

Meanwhile, a new video emerged of law enforcement officers firing several paint rounds at civilians standing on their own property in an effort to enforce the city’s curfew.

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Source: Daily Mail