Jerry Wiles on Fairness and Equality, from God’s Kingdom Perspective

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me” Reminds us that they have worth and value in His Kingdom

There is a lot of talk these days about inequality and the need for more fairness and equality. People often get the idea that their worth or value is based on their salary, possessions, title or position in an organization or society. However, God’s Kingdom principles are very different. Some of the most notable, high profile, and esteemed individuals in modern society may not be making a positive impact on the world, or for the Kingdom of God.  Perhaps the greatest rewards in heaven will be received by the least known and most unlikely individuals here on earth.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Over the years of conducting Orality Training in various parts of the world, we have observed how some of the least educated and less privileged people become fruitful and productive followers of Jesus and agents of change. While there is an amazing among of inequality in the world today, it is comforting to realize that God is an equal opportunity employer. God is no respecter of persons, and He is willing to use anyone who comes to Him, believes and trusts Him. In fact, Jesus has promised that those who come to Him and believe in Him, out of their hearts, (innermost beings) will flow rivers of Living Water. Of course, He is referring to the work of the Holy Spirit and His redemptive activity.

Anomalies in the Church

Throughout biblical and church history, we see how God has often used the weak, the flawed and the lowly for His Kingdom purposes. Samuel Chadwick, late principal of Cliff College in England, has said, “It is this mystery that has filled the history of the Church with anomalies. Inadequate men (and women) are always doing impossible things, and ordinary men achieve extraordinary results. God’s biggest things seem to be done by the most unlikely people.” Over the past decade with Living Water International’s Orality Training programs, we have observed how men, women and children with very little formal education have a passion for the Lord and a desire for sharing Him with others. When people hear, comprehend and act on the truth of the Word of God, lives are transformed.  There tends to be a ripple effect and multiplying impact.  These are sometimes in places where people don’t have enough of anything.  Even today there are millions of people on the planet without access to clean water, sanitation, hygiene and without access to the Gospel.  These are the neediest people on earth, both physically and spiritually.

God’s Hall of Faith

While getting as much education as we can is important, it is liberating to realize that God often uses common, ordinary people with little formal education in great ways.  In 1974, in Memphis, Tennessee, I heard the late Dr. Adrian Rogers, preach a message titled, “God’s Hall of Faith.” He pointed out that throughout history, those who were greatly used of God were not necessarily the most educated, but were quite ordinary, and sometimes seemingly disadvantaged.  In that message, Dr. Rogers used an example of how a seemingly obscure businessman more than 150 years ago lead a boy to the Lord. That boy eventually became a world-renowned evangelist.  He then traced the chain of relationships and connections that resulted in a number of renowned world leaders who have had significant impact up until today.

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SOURCE: Assist News