Alabama’s Largest Church, Church of the Highlands, Announces Tentative Reopening Sunday Service for June 21

Alabama’s biggest church has set a plan in place for reopening its doors to its thousands of members and regular visitors.

On Thursday, Church of the Highlands Pastor Chris Hodges took to social media to announce that the church and all of its campuses would start opening for Saturday prayer services June 6 with plans to open Sunday services June 21, which is also Father’s Day.

Up until the last few weeks, Gov. Kay Ivey and Alabama health officials had advised churches not to open back up to the public due to the potential of spreading the coronavirus in large groups.

“I know there are churches that are meeting before that, but because of our size, we felt it was best to wait a little longer and even then, we’ll put into place a way for the rooms to not be so full so that we can have some distancing,” Hodges said.

Hodges said that the Saturday prayer services tend to be smaller and lend themselves to social distancing, but it also gives those of us who want to get back into church sooner a way to worship, pray and even receive in-person ministry.

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