911 Call the Day Ahmaud Arbery Died Came from Cell Phone Belonging to Travis McMichael

Ahmaud Arbery died February 23. He was killed while jogging near Brunswick, Georgia.

A cell phone belonging to one of the men charged with Ahmaud Arbery’s death called 911 on February 23, shortly before Arbery died, according to Glynn County Police call logs.

Although the Glynn County Police Department redacted the names in both the audio and dispatch call log from the February 23 calls to 911, CNN has confirmed that one of the two calls came from Travis McMichael’s phone.

The cell phone number matches previous calls to the Glynn County Police Department made by Travis McMichael on January 1 and February 11.

Also in the Glynn County Police Department call log from February 23, a dispatcher wrote that the phone number listed in the call “comes back to Travis McMichael.”

The 911 caller on February 23 does not appear to be Travis McMichael, but rather his father, Gregory McMichael.

On the audio from the call, before and during the confrontation with Arbery, we hear a man speaking to the Glynn County dispatcher for about 20 seconds before he is heard yelling “stop right there” and “Travis.”

The caller’s voice abruptly stops during the call, and he can no longer be heard speaking or responding to the dispatcher’s questions.

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SOURCE: CNN, Angela Barajas and Jason Morris