Christian Video Streaming Platform “Soul Refiner” Offers Mental and Emotional Help During Coronavirus Plague

KingdomWorks Studios, a Florida-based film production company, recently launched Soul Refiner, the world’s first video streaming platform that offers cinematic classes on inner healing. The response from those seeking help has been overwhelming, not just in the States but all over the world. In just a few short weeks, churches and individuals in 19 countries are now actively engaged in using these digital resources available anywhere, anytime.

Across the globe, the COVID-19 outbreak has spurred another epidemic in its wake that will last for generations, namely, an unfolding mental health crisis. Newly conducted polls and emerging studies into COVID-19 suggest that the pandemic could have potentially long-term impacts on mental health. Among a myriad of acute psychosocial maladies, brought by the outbreak, is a spike in divorce rates, suicide hotline calls, and traffic to porn sites.

Quarantining and other social challenges have left a huge gap in how we address most of these issues. “We hear from church leaders every day. This sudden extraordinary change in circumstances has left them feeling ill-equipped to handle the massive emotional and mental turmoil,” said Jeremy Wiles, Soul Refiner co-founder and CEO. “We now have a great tool to help them navigate through these unprecedented times with Soul Refiner.”

Soul Refiner launched with KingdomWorks Studios’ flagship video teaching series, the Conquer Series, used by over 1 million men worldwide, along with its new long-term men’s series on sexual integrity called Warpath. These will shortly be followed by several new cinematic classes ranging from marital issues, depression and sexual betrayal to anxiety, grief and so much more.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Kingdomworks