Pastor David Platt Says McLean Bible Church is Spreading the Gospel in Ways It Wasn’t Before Despite Challenges of Coronavirus Pandemic

David Platt (R) of McLean Bible Church speaks with Jonathan Leeman (L) of 9Marks. | Screenshot: 9Marks

As a pastor, David Platt understands how discouraging it can be to walk through an empty church parking lot and into an empty church building to preach in front of a camera week after week.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” the McLean Bible Church pastor said in a recent discussion hosted by 9Marks ministry, as churches nationwide stopped gathering and took their worship services online.

He admitted to feeling frustrated as he tried to figure out how to care for the congregation and carry on the church’s disciple-making mission during lockdowns amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite his frustrations, the Virginia megachurch pastor is confident that God is working. In fact, McLean Bible Church has been reaching out to the surrounding community in ways it hasn’t before.

“We kind of turned our main building into a factory, a warehouse for bringing in thousands of pounds of food and distributing it,” Platt said. “Every week, we’ve got thousands of boxes going out with the Gospel … and people professing faith in Christ through conversations from six feet away, and masks, from cars.”

The church has also been reaching Muslim neighbors and sharing the Gospel with them, something “we were not doing before,” Platt said.

“It’s just one example God is doing,” he said. “He’s working. The Good News of His grace is spreading. People are all the more open to it.”

Platt believes more avenues are opening for the spread of the Gospel and disciple making “that were not there before.”

Among his own congregants, he and other church leaders have been going live on Facebook every day at noon to pray together and share God’s Word.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Sheryl Lynn