Jesse Jackson Calls George Floyd’s Death a ‘Lynching in Broad Daylight’, Speak at Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis

The Rev. Jesse Jackson is heading to Minneapolis on Thursday to speak about the death of George Floyd.

The civil rights leader is slated to hold a 1 p.m. press conference with faith leaders at Missionary Baptist Church, according to his staff.

Early Thursday, Jackson spoke with Jason DeRusha on WCCO This Morning, calling Floyd’s death a “lynching in broad daylight.”

He called for the Minneapolis Police Department to “cleanse itself, inside and out.” He added that all four officers involved in the incident were equally guilty.

Jackson’s event in Minneapolis will come following a night of chaos in Minneapolis, as protests turned violent overnight with fires and looting. One man was shot dead.

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Floyd died Monday evening following an encounter with police who were called to a south Minneapolis deli on a report of someone trying to pass a forged check.

Cellphone video of Floyd’s arrest showed an officer pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes, until he lost consciousness and was loaded onto a stretcher. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

The video circulated widely on social media, sparking protests in Minneapolis and cities across the country.

On Wednesday, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called for the officer who had his knee on Floyd’s neck to be criminally charged.

SOURCE: CBS Minnesota