Here We Go: Disney’s Pixar Introduces First Openly Homosexual Lead Character in Short Film “Out”

Pixar revealed its first gay main character on Friday from its new short film “Out.”

The Disney computer animation studio premiered “Out” on Disney+ over the weekend through its SparkShorts series. The new film follows the story of a man named Greg who struggles with coming out to his parents as gay before moving in with his boyfriend, Manuel. He switches bodies with his magical pet and gets to hear what his family really thinks about his love interest.

“Holding Jim’s (his dog’s) collar, Greg casually wishes aloud that he were a dog, and the minds of Greg and Jim magically switch bodies. ‘Greg’ runs outside to play in the yard, where his stoic father is lighting the grill. ‘Jim’ tries to get to him, while also frantically trying to prevent his eagerly helpful mother from finding the photo [of him and Manuel],” the film’s synopsis reads. “‘Jim’ suddenly realizes that [his mom] not only already knows that he is gay, but she also accepts it.”

Disney+ announced the film on Twitter, calling it “heartwarming.”

The tweet also features a clip of Greg in his bedroom, practicing how he’ll tell his parents that he’s gay. His dog, Jim, is also seen rushing around the house hiding evidence of Greg’s same-sex relationship.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law