CNN’s Chris Cuomo says ‘weird stuff is going on’ with his lungs and his blood work is ‘funky’ as he reveals he is still ‘not 100%’ recovered from coronavirus’ after two months

Chris Cuomo has said he has still not back to his usual health two months after he got coronavirus.

The CNN anchor battled COVID-19 in March and April and has shared details of the recovery ever since his New York Governor brother Andrew Cuomo revealed the news in a press briefing.

But on Cuomo Prime Time this Tuesday, the host, 49, revealed he has ‘weird stuff going on’ with his lungs and ‘funky stuff’ in his blood work.

He opened up to Dr Sanjay Gupta who probed him on life after the virus. The topic came up as they discussed people having antibody tests and finding out they could have had coronavirus without knowing it.

‘They’re not going to get a test result that’s going to give them confidence. And they’re still going … because recovery’s a complicated thing, how are you doing now?’

‘People who’ve been through this have strange tales to tell and not a lot of great answers from doctors to weird stuff in their blood work. I’m one of them,’ Cuomo shared.

‘I still have weird stuff going on with my lungs. I’m not back to where I was before I had the virus, but I can work.’

Cuomo said he wants to donate blood to help with research and has found out that his organs haven’t returned to how they were before he fell ill.

He admitted it’s alarming for him but feels comforted by the fact others are going through the same health scare.

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Source: Daily Mail