Mass Grave Dug for 17 Christian Villagers Slaughtered by Fulani Militants as Death Tolls Mounts in Nigeria ‘Jihad’

Mass grave at Gonan Rogo, Nigeria, where Fulani militants killed 17 villagers.

Orpington, England (ANS) – A new report from Nigeria claims the latest attacks by Fulani militants have killed 620 Christians in the first five months of 2020, according to a Release International press release.

The charity goes on to says that a recent attack on a Baptist village killed 17, including an entire family.

A report, by the International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law (ISCLRL), follows an attack on the Christian village of Gonan Rogo, which claimed 17 lives, including a father, mother and their three young children.

The report supports claims by partners of UK-based Release International that the attacks are growing and have the characteristics of an undeclared jihad against Christians.

The ISCLRL, an NGO, claims 32,000 Christians have been killed by Islamist militants since 2009. The United Nation puts the figure killed in the conflict in northern Nigeria at 27,000.

Children were among the victims of Fulani militants.

And Release partner, the Stefanos Foundation estimates 30,000 have died in the continuing violence.

Mark Lipdo of Stefanos says: ‘Attackers have claimed more than 30,000 lives. We are seeing a systematic strategy that enforces what the ethnic minorities believe is a jihad. Christians in northern Nigeria are being annihilated. It is heading towards a genocide.’

Stefanos Foundation has been providing relief aid to attack victims for more than a decade, and works with Release to provide trauma counselling.

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SOURCE: Assist News