WATCH: This Baby’s Got Personality In his Eyes and Some Bad Dance Moves Too

Cutie! An adorable baby dressed in a denim jacket, sneakers, and a diaper has charmed social media users

An adorable baby dressed in a denim jacket, sneakers, and a diaper has charmed social media users — including quite a few celebrities — after he crashed his older siblings’ TikTok video with his own cute dance moves.

The video, which was posted by a New Orleans family that goes by @Forbes_Gang, begins with two elementary school-age children doing the #RenegadeChallenge, a popular TikTok dance challenge.

But a few seconds into the video, their youngest brother toddles into the frame to steal the show, dancing in his little Nikes and diaper.

The video is cute enough to begin with, with a young girl named Cadee and her little brother dancing in sync outside to do the Renegade Challenge, which was invented by a 14-year-old from Georgia named Jalaiah Harmon.

But then the siblings’ little brother, Kyng Blanchard, walks directly in front of them, up close before the camera.

He’s dancing, too, bouncing up and down and moving his arms in imitation of his older siblings.

But what makes the clip especially funny is the baby’s fairly serious expression — and his lack of pants.

Though he’s all dressed up on top in a black T-shirt and denim jacket, and he’s ready to go in his cool Nike sneakers, the baby has ditched his pants and is only wearing a diaper.

Since the video was shared on TikTok last week, it has been viewed millions of times across several social media platforms — especially after it was shared by Complex and Oscar winner Viola Davis.

Other celebrities like Ludacris, Naomi Watts, and Beyonce’s mom Tina Lawson chimed in to fawn over the funny clip.

‘How many of y’all are that baby in the middle? All dressed up on top, no pants, and hyped for your zoom meetings? Um… that would be me!’ wrote Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, posting the video on her own Instagram page.

‘Baby with a jean jacket & diapers is a BOSS!’ commented Mario Lopez.

‘The #RenegadeChallenge was invented by a Georgia teen named Jalaiah Harmon in 2019. The Instagram and TikTok craze was controversial because of its widespread popularity, with few people attributing Harmon for its creation. Fortunately, Harmon was recognized as the creator after the New York Times profiled the 14-year-old. Former First Lady Michelle Obama even gave her a shout out on Twitter.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Carly Stern